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    Vancouver, BC, V7Y1C6

    Parenting, Green Living and Aging Well.

    Who We Are


    Aviva Home Health is an organization dedicated to connecting British Columbian families with low cost in home support and other resources.  Aviva Home Health places exceptional caregivers and nannies with families located across Vancouver's Lower Mainland.

    You can use Aviva to:

    • Connect with a Registered Caregiver
    • Connect with a Competent Nanny
    • Schedule Respite coverage for a Caregiver
    • Schedule replacement coverage for a Nanny
    • Link into a Hot Meals Network
    • Discover Family Resources


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    Hear from our Clients:



     " I had to undergo two hip replacements which rendered me disabled and unable to do my own home care and laundry. I am extremely happy with quality and expertise of the home care worker sent to me.  Her work is impeccable and very efficient. As well, her pleasant personality makes it very comfortable to have her in my home. I highly recommend the Aviva Home Health organization to everyone. I am very grateful that I have such a professional and caring organization to assist me.

    - Judy, Vancouver, B.C "


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    "I highly recommend Aviva to anyone with a parent needing a little extra help here and there. They made me feel comfortable, keeping me well informed about how my mom was doing and they made my mom feel as if she had her own personal staff. Great work and thank you very much."

    Dr. Rehman, West Vancouver, BC

    "Aviva Home Health came to our family to care for my aging mother, who was at that time living alone in our family home. Mom's health had been declining for some years by then, and the onset of stroke-induced dementia had made it increasingly difficult to properly care for her. Aviva provided us with compassionate and a deeply loving nature that revealed itself from the moment they came in. Our caregiver not only cared for my mother's physical needs, she became her best friend and confidant. They were undaunted by Mom's ever more frequent bouts of confusion, and their calm and caring demeanor was a blessing not only for mom, but for my brother and myself as well."

    Suzanne, West Vancouver, BC


    "My mum was turning 80 when we first hired Aviva to take care of her part time. I was apprehensive at first and wasn't very comfortable with having someone that I did not know be alone with my mom for long periods of time. But I was very pleased with the professionalism and loving nature of our caregiver. She was sweet, knowledgeable and I don't think I have seen her to this day without a smile. As Mum aged, we required more help and Aviva was there for us. Eventually we had Aviva come move in with my mother full time and I swear it made my act and feel years younger. She was happy and care free and I could not have hoped for a better environment for her. My mother has since passed, but I will forever be thankful for the dedicated service Aviva provided to my family and will always be happy to recommend this company to any person looking for an outstanding elder care provider."

    Julie, Vancouver, BC