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    Parenting, Green Living and Aging Well.

    Parenting, Green Living and Family

    Parenting, Green Living and Family

    Tips For Aging Well

    Green Family Hub

    Tips for Aging Well by a Few Mature Souls

    Make time for the little things in life.

    Everyone longs to stay young, but the one thing that is common amongst us all is that each year we age a little more. We recently had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day with a few seniors and we wanted to know what the "big secret" was to aging well. We were humbly surprised by their honest and heart warming tips for staying young and keeping healthy.  Consider these valuable lessons in order to keep your mind and body well at any age.

    1) "Keep Yourself Active."

    Not surprising, but the biggest tips offered from our seniors were to keep yourself active. They found that by having a daily exercise routine, it helped with keeping stress at bay. Many keep active by going for daily walks, swimming and even gardening. Although these are not strenuous workouts anymore, they are still keeping their bodies and minds strong.  Most importantly, they all agreed that it made them feel good about themselves. 

    2) "Surround ourself with people Who make You Laugh."

    Staying in touch with with family, friends and the community is incredibly beneficial for our emotional health. Most of the incredible seniors that we spoke to said that if they could have it their way again - they would have made more time for the little things in life that mattered. 

    3)  "Stress Less"


    Stress comes hand in hand with a lot of the things we want in life. In other words, stress is always present so all that matters is how you deal with it.   A 20-minute relaxation (or maybe more) each day can be vital to keeping the stress at a minimum. 

    4) "Protect your mental health."

    Continuous learning, through playing game cards or strategy games or even doing crossword puzzles, can be a large step towards a fresher mind and happier thoughts.  Take ten minutes out of your day to play a fun and challenging game and you will feel the benefits.

    5) "It's OK to accept help."

    Knowing when to ask for help is an important lesson for anyone.  But as we all age, some tasks become more difficult and patience seems to run short.  Finding a friend or a healthcare professional to help with day to day tasks or even more personal needs can make a world of difference to longevity, energy, and health. 








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