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    Parenting, Green Living and Aging Well.

    BC Family Resources

    Click on the Blue Links below to discover wonderful Family Resources

    Pregnancy and Birth Resources


    Baby`s Best Chance: Parent`s Handbook of Pregnancy and Baby Care - 6th ed

    This publication was produced for by the province of British Columbia for British Columbia families.  We are happy to provide this in our resource center for any and all who need great everything baby info.

    Power To Push: Cesarean Birth, Breech Birth, and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Resource

    Know your options as soon as you can.  This publication released by BC Women`s Hospital`s Power to Push Campaign covers the options that mothers and mothers to be have long before going through the birth process.

    I Want a Healthy Vaginal Birth Brochure

    This document released by OptimalBirthBC covers information about prenatal care to improve the likelihood of a healthy vaginal birth.

    Early Labour Brochure

     Another useful publication released by OptimalBirthBC that explains what early labour is, what you can expect, what to do, and when you should call your doctor or midwife and go to the hospital.

    Optimal Birth VBAC Brochure

    The third publication from OptimalBirthBC  explains the risks and the benefits of vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) in British Columbia


    When the Baby is Home Resources

    Tips for Buying and Using Car and Booster Seats

     This useful guide released by Safe Kid`s Canada (now part of Parachute Canada) outlines what new parents need to know before buying and using a care or booster seat.


    Holiday Resources

    Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and Caregivers

    These 5 tips from Parachute Canada will keep children safe while trick - or - treating on Halloween